What kinds of questions can I ask in a mission?

You can ask scouts closed ended questions, open ended questions, or ask them to take a picture or video. Mission parts are limited to a single media prompt, and usually include a mixture of closed and open ended questions. Parts are also limited to 20 questions total, but you can ask participants to answer that same series of questions multiple times in different contexts. For more on this, take a look at understanding missions, parts and entries

Question Categories

  1. Media Questions: You can only ask one media question per part (though scouts will answer it repeatedly if you ask them to submit multiple entries), so make it the anchor of your research. What scouts show you using photos or videos will probably be the meat-and-potatoes of your project.
  2. Closed Ended Questions: These are great for quantitative research. They're easy to sort and analyze when you're making sense of your data.
  3. Open Ended Questions: These are great for qualitative research. But scouts are typing with their thumbs, so be as specific as you can about what you'd like to know.

Question Types

  • Checkpoint - Give scouts a breather or additional context without asking a question
  • Media - Select this question type then define what type of media you'd like within the question
    • Picture - prompt scouts to take a picture or screenshot
    • Video - prompt scouts to take a 30 or 60 second video
    • Mixed Media - ask scouts to take either a photo, screenshot or a video
  • Open Ended - Select this question type then define how long the response can be within the question
    • Short Response - answers are limited to 140 characters
    • Open Ended - no character limit for answers
  • Multiple Choice - Select this question type then define how many answers can be selected within the question
    • Single Select - scouts can only check one answer
    • Multiple Select - scouts can check as many answers as you allow
  • Number - scouts can type just about any number
  • Scale Rating - scouts can choose a number between 1 to 100 to rate the intensity of their feeling
  • Screen Recording - A subscription only feature that allows you to record up to two minutes of the scout’s screen as they interact with the content of a web link. 

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