Moving a mission or screener between projects

Dscout projects typically consist of a series of missions and a screener. This keeps everything tidy and easy to understand. In the following example, you're looking at a project called "The Meaning of Local," that includes one screener and two missions. 

If you or a colleague create a mission or screener in one project, and realize later that you'd like to move that mission or screener to a different project, here's how to make that happen!

1. Make sure you have adequate permissions

You'll need to make sure you have member access to both the old project you're moving your mission or screener FROM, in addition to the new project you're moving your mission or screener TO. If you are an account member, it is most likely that you have member access to both projects. 

2. Move the mission or screener to your desired project

Once you have adequate permissions, just view the project where the mission or screener you want to move is, and mouse over it. Then click the arrow at the bottom right corner of the mission card and select the project you'd like to move it to.

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