How to message scouts

Each time you send a message to scouts, they'll receive an email and a mobile app notification (if they have notifications enabled.) Scouts can reply to you by tapping the "messages" tab in the dscout mobile app. (Here's what that looks like on iOS and Android.)

Direct Single and Group Message

You can send a single or multiple scouts a message by clicking on each individual scout row on the table in Scout Management. Once you click on the scout(s) you would like to message, you will see the option to message them on a toolbar that shows up once scouts are selected on the table. You can also toggle the message sidebar by clicking on the message bubble icon on the right side of the sub-navigation. 

To communicate with or see just one scout’s specific message thread, click on that scout’s message bubble. A right side panel will appear with their demographic information, all of the messages you’ve sent and received from that person, and a text box where you can compose and send a new message.

To communicate with many scouts at a time, select the scout(s) who you want to message in the scout table, then click on “Message.” You’ll notice the profile photos of the scouts who you’ve selected at the top; that’s who you’re messaging! Compose your message, give it a proofread, then hit “send.”

Entry Comment

Need to ask a question about a specific entry? No problem. When viewing a scout's entries, scroll down to leave a comment on the entry.

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