Account Settings

To view information about your organization's dscout account, click Account in your profile dropdown. 

Account members, managers, and the account owner may view information about the account; managers and the account owner are able to make changes to the account. Learn more about account roles here.


This tab displays an overview of your account's license information, including your organization's account owner.

Account members, managers, and owners are able to see this tab.


This tab shows all projects in the account along with pertinent details. Account managers and owners are able to see this tab.

Clicking on a project row will bring up even more details about the project:


This tab shows all people added to the account, along with their contact information and roles. Account managers and owners may add and remove members, as well as change current users' roles.

Account managers and owners are able to see this tab.


This tab is where you can add a credit card for billing information. 

Account managers and owners can see this tab, and each may add one credit card to the account.


The account owner may access and adjust these account-wide settings.

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