Account Roles and Project Permissions


dscout allows for three different levels of user roles and permissions to help you control who has access to your dscout account and who can access projects within your account.

Account Roles

To give other team members access to your company's dscout account and assign those team members appropriate permissions, the account owner must navigate to the profile menu at the top right of the dashboard and click "Account." Visit the "Users" tab to grant colleagues access to your dscout account. Anyone added as an account "member" can create, edit, manage, analyze and export projects, missions, and screeners. Some subscription and trial project licenses limit available seats on your account, so be sure to review your agreement or ask your research advisor to clarify how many seats you have. All dscout accounts are entitled to unlimited Viewers. You can invite colleagues and clients as "viewers" in individual projects, or change their status in the "Users" tab under the "Action" dropdown for that user. 

  • Account Owner: has access to all projects, permissions and billing information (only one per account)
  • Account Manager: has member access to projects they're added to, permissions, and can add a credit card for billing purposes. Managers may add members to the account.
  • Account Member: has been granted a seat on the account and full access to the dscout account to create and edit new projects, missions, and screeners. Members may add viewers to projects, but not members to the account.
  • Account Viewer: has not been granted a seat on the account but has permission to view specific project(s), cannot create or edit missions or screeners independently or contact scouts. 
  • Project Permissions

    Account members can grant teammates access to specific projects by following these steps:

    1. Click "Permissions" on the top toolbar of a project dashboard.
    2. Click "Team Permissions" within the modal
    3. Type an email address and hit enter on your keyboard. 
    4. Your colleagues will receive an email inviting them to log into dscout and collaborate on the project. 

    If your teammate already has access to your dscout account, they will be added to the project according to their current account role (meaning, account viewers will be able to access the project with viewer-level permissions, and members and managers will be added with member-level permissions). If you add a teammate that does not already have access to the dscout account, they will be added to the project as a viewer. To promote an individual's role from viewer to member, please contact your account owner or an account manager.

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