Adding scouts to a mission from a screener

Once you've reviewed the applicants in your dscout screener, chosen who you'd like to participate, and tested your mission, it's time to launch your first mission and begin your dscout research project! Here's how to make that happen:

1. Launch your mission

You can only invite scouts to a mission that's been launched. To launch your mission, scroll to the bottom of the "setup" page and click the "launch mission" button. 

PRO TIP: Most dscout projects consist of around 3 missions, and nearly all of them are run sequentially rather than all at once.

2. Select your amazing scouts

Select only the applicants you want to go on your mission by using the potential fit toggles on the left when viewing applicants. (Typically that means choosing the folks who are marked as "amazing.") Next, click “select” at the bottom left corner.

Then choose “select all” at the bottom right of the blue bar that appears.

And finally, use the arrow icon at the bottom center to add your scouts to the mission you just launched!

3. Import scouts to your first mission

After clicking the arrow icon, choose the appropriate mission from the dropdown menu in the pop up window that appears. (If you don't see the correct mission, you'll need to launch it first to make it show up.)

After you've imported your applicants into your first mission, you'll give them access by inviting them to it via that mission's scout management page.

4. Manage your scouts

Once you've invited scouts to your first mission, you can track their participation by taking a look at their invite status and send messages to keep them engaged through your mission's scout management page.

When your first mission draws to a close, you'll want to move your scouts to the next mission in your project by following these simple steps.

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