Filtering scouts by their progress

After launching a mission, dscout keeps track of your participants' progress. Each progress status is automatically applied except for "Mission Accomplished," which need to be applied manually.

  • Uninvited scouts have been added to dscout, but you chose NOT to invite them immediately, so they've haven't been sent a customized invite email or been given access to your mission yet.
  • Invited scouts have been sent an email invitation and been given access to your mission via the dscout iOS or Android mobile app.
  • Accepted scouts have logged into the dscout app and viewed your mission, then tapped "accept" to indicate they are game to participate!
  • In progress scouts have created at least one entry by answering all the questions in your mission. (Depending on your mission's design, you may require scouts to create multiple entries by answering that same series of questions repeatedly in different circumstances.)
  • Min. # of entries indicates a scout has created the minimum number of entries required to complete your mission. 
  • ***Mission accomplished*** is the only progress status that is NOT automatically applied. It means a scout has submitted the min. # of entries required, and a researcher has reviewed their data and deemed it accurate and thoughtful. Once scouts are marked as "mission accomplished" it's either time to invite them to the next mission in your project or pay them for completing your project successfully.
  • Rejected scouts viewed your mission in the dscout app, but tapped "not interested."

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