Moving scouts from one mission to another

After inviting scouts to the first mission in your project, you'll view incoming entries and message them with encouragement, constructive criticism, and reminders as detailed in Tutorial 4: Managing Active Missions. When it's time to move scouts from one mission to another, here's how you can make that happen. (Keep in mind that launching the missions in your project one at a time rather than all at once makes life *way* easier for you and your scouts.)

PRO TIP: Before moving scouts from one mission to another, make sure to mark all the scouts you want to continue as "mission accomplished".

On the scout management page of your new mission, select "From Previous Mission," then select "Mission Accomplished" from the dropdown menu. You can also choose whether or not to maintain the groups you put scouts in from one mission to the next. Toggle "invite immediately" ON to send a message to scouts and give them access to your next mission. (Toggle his option OFF to do this at a later date.)

If you're running multiple missions at the same time, you might need to import scouts from one mission to another even if you haven't yet marked them as "mission accomplished." To do this, first  toggle "invite immediately" OFF. When you click the "import" button, the scouts who submitted at least one entry (if you choose "submitted entries" from the dropdown) or all your scouts (if you choose "all") will be imported into your new mission–but you'll still have the chance to remove any scouts who don't belong before inviting your participants to get started.

To remove a scout, just mouse over their profile pic and click the red "-" symbol that appears to remove them. When you're sure all the scouts listed are the ones you want to continue with, click "invite uninvited scouts" at bottom to write a custom message and invite them to your next mission.

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