Using the scout management page

Here's how to use dscout's scout management page to manage your project in real time.

Filter by progress

Your participants will be automatically placed into one of the following categories based on how far along they've gotten in your mission: "uninvited," "invited," "accepted," "in progress," or "min. # of entries." They can also be listed as "rejected" if a scout chooses not to participate in a mission. For definitions of each status and additional details, go here.

Mission accomplished

Once a scout has submitted the minimum number of entries necessary to complete a mission AND you've reviewed those entries to ensure that they're on target, you'll mark that scout as mission accomplished. 

This is how you'll keep track of who should be invited to the next mission in your project, and which scouts will ultimately get paid. When you mark a scout as mission accomplished, they do NOT get notified and will still be able to participate until you close the mission.

After launching the next mission in your project, you'll typically only invite the scouts you've marked as "mission accomplished" to continue participating by following these steps.

Creating and filtering by groups

You can use scout groups to keep track of segments. Just click on a scout–or multiple scouts–to highlight them, then use the dropdown menu that appears after clicking "move to..." on the top toolbar to put them into a group you've created using the "add group" button at bottom left.

You can mark multiple scouts as "mission accomplished" or close several scouts at once following this same procedure.


You can message scouts all together, individually, or by group. You can also easily message scouts according to the progress they've made by sending pre-written messages designed to help increase engagement at key moments during your mission.

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