Defining specs and setting participant expectations

Before writing the questions your participants are going to answer in a mission, you'll be prompted to define the parameters of your mission and write a set of overarching instructions. This means you'll need to make the following decisions:

  • How long do participants have to complete your mission?
  • Will your participants answer your mission's set of questions once (interview style) or multiple times in different contexts? (diary style)
  • Does this mission comprise your entire research project, or is your project made up of multiple missions?

Mission Name

This is the title of your mission that scouts will see! If you're running multiple missions within the same project, it's a good idea to number them so scouts can keep track of where they are.

Job Code

Give your mission an internal nickname!

Scout Profile Required

Turn this option "ON" if you'd like to make sure scouts complete a profile consisting of their age, gender, home city and a profile picture. Turn this option "OFF" to make this optional.

Minimum Entries per Scout

Once you've written your mission's questions (which can include up to 10 total), you'll need to decide how many times you'd like scouts to create an entry by going through and answering all those questions.

Letting scouts know the minimum number of entries required gives them a good idea of how much effort you're asking from them, but they can always submit more.

Estimated Days per Scout

This lets scouts know how long they have to complete a particular mission. Most missions last 2 to 7 days. 

Next, you'll need to write your mission's  overview and instructions. To see some examples, go here.

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