How to message scouts

Each time you send a message to scouts, they'll receive an email and a notification (if they have notifications enabled.) Scouts can reply to you by tapping the "messages" tab in the dscout mobile app. (Here's what that looks like on iOS and Android.)

Direct Message

You can send a single scout a note by clicking "message" next to their name on the scout management page.

Group Message

You can also send a message to all your scouts at once, to a specific group you've created, or to a segment of scouts based on their mission progress. The dscout platform also provides some suggestions for group messaging text you can use as a template.

In the example below, scouts who have created at least one entry and are listed as being "in progress" are about to receive the pre-written "friendly check in" message to help keep them on track.

Entry Comment

Need to ask a question about a specific entry? No problem. When viewing a scout's entries, look for the "follow-up" tab on the top right.

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