Draft, launched or closed missions & screeners

Draft missions & screeners

A draft mission or screener has been fully or partially designed but cannot be accessed by scouts until you click the launch button at the bottom of the "setup" page.

Launched missions & screeners

A launched mission or screener is active, meaning that scouts can interact with it by submitting applications or creating entries.

Closed missions & screeners

Once you close a mission or screener, scouts can no longer create entries or submit applications, but you'll still be able to view all your data and exchange messages with scouts. 
When you're finished screening scouts and launch the first mission in your project, close your screener by visiting the "setup" page and clicking the "close screener" button at the bottom. (This prevents new applications from coming in.)
When your research comes to an end, close all the missions in your project by visiting the "scout management" page and clicking the "close mission" button at bottom left.

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